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Stage Hire.

Here at ESL, we supply a variety of different types of staging, ranging in height and size, for indoor and outdoor use. Our stages are built to a high standard and are made out of metal making them strong and durable.


Elementary Mini Stage.

3m x 3m stage with Canopy.


2m x 1m Stage Deck


Adjustable leg (40-60cm)

Stairville Tour Stage Tele Leg 4x 40-60cm.jpg



Supreme Medium Stage.

6m x 3m Stage with Canopy.


1m x 1m Stage Deck

1mx1m Stairville Stage deck.jpg


Stage Assembly Clamp

Stage Assembly Clamp.jpg


Stage Skirt 0.60m x 2m



The Elementary Mini Stage Bundle

Elementary Mini Stage Bundle

If you like what you see and want any of these for your event, or you have any questions. Please contact one of our team and ask about
Stage Bundles. 


We know that every occasion / event is different and we will work with you to tailor these bundles for your exact needs and budget.

All bundle prices above are based on a 1 day (24h).

Additional prices are available for a technician.

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