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We know how important it is when it comes to your wedding day so why not add enhancements to your wedding and venue and blow your guests away with the wow factor?

Choose any of the enhancements below and we will take all the stress away by setting it all up for you!

Book us knowing you are in safe hands and have nothing to worry about when it comes to your wedding day.

If you would like more information and prices then please get in touch and request an Enhancement brochure today.

Fairy lights. 

Custom Quote.

Venue Uplighting.

                 £395 10x Uplighters

You spend lots of time coordinating your wedding colors. Adding touches throughout the wedding dresses, centerpieces, flowers etc. How about we light up the walls of your venue in your wedding colors? This done with Up-lighting.

Custom Monogram.


It's your big day! Why not put your own custom wedding logo on the wall, dance floor or ceiling?

Ask about how we can do animation with fireworks, snowflakes, etc!

String Bulb lighting.

Custom Quote.

Glass string bulb lighting looks amazing outside, in a tent or in a barn. We have a dedicated team that will handle putting up the lights as well as taking them down. Saving you hours of hassle.

We even have our own base plates and poles to mount them!

Intelligent Party Lighting


Using 2 elegant glow column totems with moving spot/beam lighting fixtures, we can create a very magical lighting effect at your wedding.

65" Media Screens (Must have intelligent lighting as well)


We can display a slide show or video content you have! We also use graphic animations with your personal monogram!


With this enhancement, you get the intelligent party lighting as well!

Cold Spark Fountains

£295 for 2 fountains outside Exit

£395 for 2 fountains inside reception

The Hottest trend right now! Add a big wow to your first dance or your exit!

These indoor/outdoor sparklers are safe to touch. We can use them inside at the reception or outside for the exit!

LED Foam party Sticks


Add some fun to your reception!

We will provide these awesome LED foam stacks for all your guests for the dancing/party portion of your reception. And yes, they get to keep to them!

Ceremony Audio Service


We use a combination of 2 hidden microphones that allow us to 100% guarantee that every word said will be heard by every guest!

This enhancement can be used anywhere on the property!

Other services we provide are


Pipe and Drape.

Dancing on the clouds.

LED Pinspots

Venue Uplighting
Custom Monogram
Fairy Lights
String Bulb Lighting
Intelligent Party Lighting
Media Screens
Cold Spark Fountains
LED Foam Party Sticks
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